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Cancer Daily Horoscope – Cancer Horoscope Today

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Your mind will be receptive to the good things. The economic side is likely to strengthen. If you had lent money to a person, you are expected to get that money back today. Family function would make new friends. But be careful in your selection. Good friends are like a treasure you always want to preserve. You would spread love pollution today. You can plan on enjoying your free time with your closest friends today. It might become the best eve of your life with your spouse today. Today, you are advised not to show off, as this habit of yours can lead to an increase in the distance between you and your friends.

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Lucky Number :- 1

Lucky Color :- Orange and Gold

Remedy :- Offer water to the Sun through a copper vessel to get rid of laziness.

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These are generalized predictions based on your moon sign. For more personalized predictions, connect live with an Astrologer on call or chat!

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Cancer daily horoscope will enable you to search the strong and weak portion of your day. The predictions
also indicates to the auspicious or inauspicious time of a day when you can carry out any activity or
task. As we all know that everything have pros and cons. Likewise, a full day also consists of many
favourable and unfavourable moments. We take the help of
to check Muhurat in Vedic Astrology.

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Cancer horoscope today will help you to know the right time period to commence any activity or work.
You would be able to know about the outcomes of any particular activity performed by you in a certain
period of time. Cancer daily horoscope works as a guideline to be followed before commencing any new
venture. It’s good if you know the outcomes before that event takes place. Here on Astrosage, we provide
you the daily horoscope
for Cancerians along with their personality traits.

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But before proceeding towards Cancer daily horoscope, let’s understand about the Cancer zodiac sign

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What is Cancer Zodiac Sign?

Cancer is the fourth sign of Zodiac belt. Cancer horoscope today is based on fourth sign of Kaal Purush
Kundali. This sign is of 30 degrees longitude. It starts from 90 degrees from vernal equinox and extends
upto 120 degrees. It consists of last pada of
, full pada of Pushya and full Ashlesha. It is a first sign of watery signs. It is
cardinal, movable and chara. It is fruitful, a feminine in nature, mute and nocturnal as well as a tropical
sign. If Sun is in Cancer, it will be in Northern Hemisphere, which is why Cancer is termed as a Northern

Cancer is governed by planet Moon. Jupiter gets
exalted in this sign whereas Mars gets debilitated here. Jupiter gets exalted at 5 degree whereas Mars
is said to be completely debilitated at 28 degree. Sun, Jupiter, Mars are friendly planets for this
sign whereas Mercury, Venus and Saturn are inimical
to this sign. Cancer horoscope will help you to know more about
Cancer zodiac sign.
You would be able to come across your basic traits which you exhibit to
the outer world. If you wish to know more about the Cancer ascendant and its characteristics, you must
read our Cancer daily horoscope.

Cancer and their Physical Appearance

Each zodiac sign possesses different traits according
to Vedic Astrology. Cancer horoscope today will help you to know more about your daily activities, profession,
love, finance, family and health. We have described below some physical appearance of Cancer people.

  • They have clumsy body, slender limbs and powerful claws.
  • They have large upper body.
  • They have a wide face between ears.
  • They have large mouth with nice teeth of chalky colour.
  • They have brown hair and pale complexion.

Characteristics for Cancer Born People

If you know about astrology, you would also know about zodiac signs and their different traits. All
zodiac signs have different characteristics. Cancer horoscope today will tell you about your daily traits
and characteristics. We have also described about few
traits of Cancer
ascendant people:

  • They are famous for a changeful life. They face many ups and downs in their life.
  • Moon provides them with fertile imagination and adventures.
  • They can quickly understand other’s nature and absorb their ideas.
  • They are often over sensitive, emotional and sympathetic. They are talkative and sentimental.
  • They have high degree of nervous irritability due to extreme sensitiveness.
  • These people have been found timid and sometimes very courageous under certain circumstances, just like
    Moon, which can change from being full to new.
  • They are timid to face any physical danger but brave to handle mental or moral attitude.
  • They have changeable temper and also anger is a frequent emotion for them.
  • These natives are very fond of home, family, acquaintances and its comforts due to fourth sign of zodiac.
  • Thay are intellectually determined, specially for family or historic events.
  • They are fortunate and appear open and frank but unfortunately they are not so, as they hide emotions
    from others. They are impressive and magnetic people.
  • They may conquer the trials in their lives but they don’t forget it easily.
  • They realize fullest significance of money and /are little too private or personal.
  • They have deep feelings of loyalty and responsibility. If they decide any plan, they will stick to it,
    and ultimately enjoy the success of that attempt. They are interested in getting small amount of money
    from many sources.
  • They are strong and true if they receive affections from their partner. They won’t give up their partner
    until and unless any drastic scenarios have occured.
  • They are very medium and sensitive in nature as Cancer sign is said to be the sign of sensitivity. Hence
    they have psychic and mediumistic faculty. Many mimics, magicians and actors are born in Cancer sign.
  • They keep their partner cheerful and enthusiastic as they are romantic and imaginative.
  • They can be influenced easily with the circumstances as the sign is watery and due to the nature of
    water taking the shape in which it is kept/poured.
  • They are sensitive, retiring and unassuming. If they are neglected, then they become moody.
  • They will have a monotonous life without romance. They will sacrifice their comforts etc. and be very
    loyal and affectionate.
  • They will have variable handwriting as Moon rules
    over it, hence due to the varying nature of Moon, the formation of letters in handwriting also varies.

What does Cancer sign signify in various aspects of life?

We have described the characteristics of Cancer born people. Now let’s understand the various aspects
dealt by Cancer sign in their daily life. Cancer daily horoscope will help you to know the various aspects
of life on daily basis. Let’s understand below what can be the areas dealt by Cancer sign:

Environment: They are devoted towards their family. They love to be the part of family and wherever
they live, they will love to be there. They always stay engaged in their homes and gardens. They love
to collect old things and store them in shelves. They travel constantly, however they will be at home
if and only if they are actually in the home. They do not mind taking trouble to make their life comfortable.
They invite friends and enjoy their company to the fullest. They prefer their business establishment
near by their residence as usually they want to stay at home surrounded by family.

Health & Diseases: They are fragile in youth but as they grow up, they enjoy good health.
In general, Cancer sign rules over chest and stomach. Since Moon rules over this sign, hence it indicates
stress or mental problems. They have to take care of pulmonary and digestive systems. If they control
their mind, they would be able to control their body through proper diet and physical care. They should
take care as they might suffer from asthma, gastric problem and weak digestion. They should take care
of their throat as well.

They may suffer from diseases related to lungs such as flu, cough, asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy, tuberculosis,
affections of oesophagus, stomach, dyspepsia, flatulence, dropsy, beri-beri, fear complex, hysteria,
Jaundice, obstruction of bile, gallstone, worm and boils on chest just below collar bones.

Profession: These people are very suitable for commercial career, especially as a caterer. They
can manage restaurants, coffee, tea stalls, run their general stores, grocery shops, fruit stalls etc.
Those who are employed in hospitals can be nurses, matrons, managers and secretaries, higher purchase
regulators, undertakers, furnishers etc. They can deal with the antiquities. They are dealer in the
fields which represents water. They can be employed in the history section or archaeological department.
They can deal with products related to milk.

Marriage: They enjoy their family life to the fullest. Marriage, a union of two opposite sexes,
will offer them a well settled life. Girls born under this sign are occasionally moody and will be satisfied
by anything offered by their husbands. They prove to be good mothers. They are affectionate, adaptable,
dutiful and devoted, patient and pleasing, sincere and sympathetic.

Lucky Day: Tuesday is considered as the day of success for these people. Fridays will come out
as the day of profit. Wednesday is good for journeys, investment and expenses. Thursdays are good enough
for contacting and arranging overdraft accounts. Saturdays are not considered auspicious as it provides
disharmony, differences in opinion, depression, dispute, delay and denial etc. Mondays will provide
changeable temperament and success in endeavours. Sunday is good for gaining money.

Lucky Colour: White cream, red and yellow are lucky colours for these people. Blue and green
should be avoided.

Lucky Number: 2, 7 and 9 are fortunate. 1, 3, 4 and 6 are good. 5 and 8 need to be avoided.

Lucky Gems: Diamond,
, yellow sapphire,
avoid wearing blue sapphire and

Products: Milk and milky products, silver, tea, shipping, petrol, business, commerce, all liquids,
fruits, coffee, greens, rubber, cabbage and mushroom etc.

Places: Canals, lakes, seas, wells, rivers, springs, streams etc.

Cancer daily horoscope will help you to know about your day to day life’s aspects which are represented
by Cancer sign.

What do all 12 houses signify for Cancer Born?

Houses are very important in Vedic Astrology. The significance of each house is unique and different
for each horoscope. We will let you know about the house significations and its ruling lord for Cancer
born. Let’s find below the house significations:

  • First House: First house indicates about yourself. Cancer itself rules over the first house for
    Cancer born people. It is ruled by the planet Moon.
  • Second House: This house indicates Family, Wealth, and Finances. Leo is governed by the planet
    Sun and it governs the second house for Cancer born people.
  • Third house: Third house denotes Communication & Siblings in any horoscope. Virgo rules over
    this house of astrology and its ruling planet is Mercury.
  • Fourth House: It denotes „Sukhsthana” or the house of mother. Libra rules over fourth house for
    Cancer born people and its ruling planet is Venus.
  • Fifth House: It indicates the Children and education. Scorpio rules over
    fifth house
    and the ruling planet for this house is Mars.
  • Sixth House: It represents debt, disease and enemy. Sagittarius rules over Sixth house and the
    ruling planet of this house is Jupiter.
  • Seventh House: It denotes the partnership, spouse and marriage. Capricorn rules over seventh
    house for Cancer born and the ruling planet is Saturn.
  • Eighth House: It represents „Longevity” and „Mystery”. Aquarius rules over
    eighth house
    and the ruling planet of this sign is Saturn.
  • Ninth House: Ninth house indicates „Guru/Teacher” & „Religion”. Pisces rules over Ninth house
    and the ruling planet is Jupiter for this sign.
  • Tenth House: Tenth house indicates career or profession or Karma sthana. Aries rules over tenth
    house for Cancer born people and the ruling planet is Mars.
  • Eleventh House: It represents gains and incomes. Taurus occupies eleventh house for Cancer Born
    people and the ruling planet is Venus.
  • Twelfth House: It denotes the expenditure and losses. Gemini occupies this house for Cancer born
    people and it is ruled by the planet Mercury.

Hence we have described about the personality traits for Cancer sign people. We hope that you have enjoyed
it and you can have more idea about your personality traits through Cancer horoscope today.

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